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Supersport LIVE

SAES have just received confirmation from SuperSport that all six rounds of our 2024 South African National Championship will be broadcast live.

This is fantastic news for the series as it serves as one of the pinnacle points we set out in our strategy document two years ago when we purchased the company. We believed that in order to fully service sponsors, we needed to get ourselves onto a national footprint platform.

The relationship we have now established with SuperSport exceeds this, as the broadcaster extends into Africa. This also adds strength to one of our other longer-term plans to extend our series into other countries in Africa to develop a truly African Championship.

This confirmation from SuperSport makes us the only Motorsport series in South Africa to offer our competitors live television, which in turn will help our competitor base to offer their sponsors a much better return on investment.

We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with SuperSport for many years to come and will one day look back fondly on this announcement.

We continue to strive in the growth of our series for the benefit of everyone associated to it.

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