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Virtual K9H

The virtual Kyalami 9 hour (vK9H) is, as the name implies, the exact replication of the Kyalami 9 hour for South African SIM racers. It’s identical in many aspects such as; track, cars, race format and broadcast.

The vK9H is played on Assetto Corsa Competizione one week prior to the real event. On Friday 28th January the players will have the full day for seeding qualifying. This determines in which class, (Pro, Pro AM or Silver) they will be racing on Sunday. On Friday only the top-40 will qualify for the race. On Saturday 29th January the all SIM Racers will have the official qualifying session followed by a top-10 shoot-out. On Sunday 30th January the 9 hour race will start at 12:00 hrs and will finish at 21:00hrs. Both Saturday and Sunday will be broadcasted live.

Technical Realisation

The vK9H is an official Kyalami 9 Hour project and is supported by the Intercontinental GT Challenge. The technical realization is done by Monarch (Claremont) with professional stewards from the SIM Grid. The live commentary is provided by Ernest Page and Daniel Haynes who are also the commentary team for the real K9H. The K9H is hosted by the biggest SIM community in South Africa, SIM Race SA and the event is hosted on AWS / SIM servers in Cape Town. The first National GT3 Championship, SA GT Racing has come on board as an official partner / sponsor.