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The Virtual SA GT series will be an official MSA sanctioned series bound to its rules and regulations, operating in parallel with the real-life SA GT series 2022.

The intention is to promote upcoming real-life races with the virtual event acting as a marketing tool and draw card for local sim racing enthusiasts. It will further act as a tool for participating real life racing drivers to hone their skills and for those who are not racing, a chance to be involved and compete against fellow drivers.

The hope is to declare a national Challenger or Champion per class at the end of the season, with winners being included in the annual MSA Awards.


A maximum of 30 competitors shall be allowed per class. Each car can have a custom livery and the software will ensure a balance of power.

There is an option to hold a pre-season race session to classify competitors per category.


We will follow the exact SA GT series calendar, with each Virtual race scheduled one week earlier on the preceding Saturday and Sunday.

The Virtual SA GT series is proposed be a minimum of 5 rounds (excluding Redstar) or a maximum of 8 rounds.

Race Format

On Saturdays the SA GT will have open practice, qualifying and a single one hour race. On Sunday the SA GT will have another race with the grid based on the fastest lap times set in race 1 of Saturday.


As an added touch of reality to the competition we have the opportunity to base the virtual weather on the real-life forecast expected for the races, a further draw card for real life competitors.